3 Backyard Gardening Essentials (You Didn’t Know You Needed!)

gardening essentials

What’s more rewarding than a flourishing backyard garden full of flowers, fruits, and veggies as a result of your hard work? Gardening is a great pastime for any age, but without the right tools, you could be adding unnecessary stress to your planting efforts. We know the obvious ones: gloves, wheelbarrows, spades, and a few more. But do you have the not-so-obvious gardening essentials for the most efficient planting?

Check out 3 must-have items that need to be stashed in your tool shed for your best upcoming planting season ever.

3 Not-So-Obvious Backyard Gardening Essentials

1. Compost Bins.

As mentioned in our Choosing the Right Compost Bin blog, a compost bin is a necessity for backyard gardeners. This cost-effective and nutrient-dense homemade fertilizer helps you grow healthier plants with your own organic materials, such as kitchen scraps and lawn clippings. Not only does composting significantly reduce waste, but provides your garden with the best soil possible for your best plants.

Check out a selection of high-quality composters with unique styles and features to benefit your garden. For composting beginners, learn how to compost here.

gardening essentials

Good Ideas Wizard Composter


2. Rain Barrels.

Another cost-effective and eco-friendly way to better plants is by utilizing a rain barrel. According to Modern Steader, tap water contains lots of added chemicals, such as fluoride, salts, minerals, chlorine, and chloramine. They conclude that “Rainwater is better suited to plant growth and development because of the ideal pH, lack of ‘hard’ water minerals, additives, and conditioners, and the presence of beneficial nutrients.”

With that being said, a rain barrel is essential to attaining high-quality hydration for your plants. Save money and skip the processed faucet water from your inside your home. Instead, collect up to 300 gallons of rainwater (depending on the barrel) that can immediately be used in your garden whenever you need it.
gardening essentials

Good Ideas Rain Wizard Urn 50 Gallon Rain Barrel


3. Pop-Up Greenhouses.

Want to grow fruits, veggies, and plants longer and more efficiently? A pop-up greenhouse provides a temporary gardening solution for an extended growing season anywhere.

While you may think large greenhouses only suit avid gardening pros, even backyard hobbyists can utilize a pop-up greenhouse for a low-commitment and inexpensive solution. Trap much-needed heat and protect plants even in less-than-ideal conditions for a more successful overall harvest. Find out more about the benefits of pop up greenhouse here.

gardening essentials

ShelterLogic GrowIT Backyard Greenhouse


Utilize these not-so-obvious gardening essentials for a more efficient, eco-friendly, and rewarding backyard garden. Incorporate these expert tips as well for a garden even the pros would envy. Sheds.com provides unbeatable tips and tools so you can have the garden of your dreams right in your backyard.



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