4 Tips for Winterizing Your Cedar Shed

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When it comes to top choices for a backyard storage solution, wood sheds often rank superior for many reasons. These durable, customizable, and attractive structures last for years and are extremely versatile. More specifically, a cedar shed makes for one of the toughest and durable wood structures, even during the inclement winter season.

With a few extra precautions, you can ensure your shed maintains its aesthetic appeal and sturdy framework even during the toughest weather conditions. While our How to Prepare Your Shed for Winter blog is a great place to start, read on to find out how to specifically winterize your cedar shed.

How to Winterize Your Cedar Shed

cedar shed

1. Protect the Color.

One of the best features of a cedar shed is the gorgeous reddish-brown tone of the exterior. Unfortunately, after sufficient weather exposure, the striking color of your cedar wood shed often turns to a light silvery-gray appearance.

To prevent your cedar wood from fading and keep its vibrancy even through winter, apply a cedar treatment as soon as possible. The Spruce recommends one of four treatments: bleaching oil, semi-transparent stains, solid color stains, or primer + paint. Click the previous link for more info on cedar wood treatments.

2. Seal Your Shed.

For a long-lasting, weather-resistant shed this winter, create extra barriers to prevent moisture buildup that leads to rotting or deterioration.

Use a commercial sealer to keep moisture out, especially in those vulnerable spots that are often subject to rain or snowfall. “Start by sealing the perimeter of the roof, giving special attention to the shed’s corners; normally, that is where water slips through. Then you can continue to the walls and potentially the corners at the bottom.” (Source: Do It Yourself) Don’t forget to seal any holes or crevices as well for a fully covered structure.

3. Insulate Your Shed.

Cedar sheds are arguably the best options for an insulated structure. If you have valuable motor-powered equipment or temperature-sensitive chemicals stored in your shed, insulation can help keep those valuables safe and usable. Radical temperatures can compromise these items, but with insulation, the interior of your structure stays regulated all winter (and summer) long.

Because of the durability and versatility of cedar wood, insulating your cedar shed only extends the lifespan and usability of your storage solution. Utilize added living space, storage space, or workspace in your cedar shed even during winter easily by insulating your structure. Find out more benefits of insulated sheds here.

4. Focus on the roof.

Another great tip from our friends at Do It Yourself is to thoroughly protect your roof. Since moisture falls primarily on the roof, adding a protective layer of scrap metal or fiberglass ensures moisture stays out of your structure. Take the extra precaution for a dry and clean cedar shed come springtime.

Cedar Shed Options

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Looking for a cedar wood shed for your backyard? Now that you know how to make one last through the winter, find plenty of cedar sheds for your needs here at Sheds.com. Whether you’re looking for a garden shed or a clubhouse getaway, a cedar shed guarantees a long-lasting structure for years to come (especially by using these tips).


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