5 Super Helpful Ways to Make Shed Organization Easy

shed organization

Organizing your shed isn’t limited to just adding shelves. There are dozens of different and creative ways to organize the items you have in your shed, and it doesn’t require much work or money. Here are 5 Super Helpful Ways to Make Shed Organization Easy that you may never have considered trying.

Pie Plates. That’s right. Pie plates. This rather unorthodox idea will surprise you with how it increases the space and safety inside your shed. First, buy some metal plates. Cut the plates in half and use three nails to attach each half to a wall in your shed. Circular blades, tape, and sanding strips all fit nicely inside the pockets. Who knew pies and shed organization went hand-in-hand?

Plastic Pipes. Hit the hardware store and pick up a few PVC caps for less than a buck each. Nail one cap 8 inches from the floor to a wall in your shed.  Then, nail a second cap around 15 inches above it. Create a leveled row with as many as you need, and safely store your shovels, rakes, and fishing rods in the pipes. No more tripping over broomsticks or getting scratched by rake forks. Shed organization and PVC pipes – another unlikely pairing.

Coat Hooks. If you’re like everyone else, you don’t like having those long, orange electric cords curled up on the floor or even garden hoses, for that matter. Here’s an easy way to get them out of your way. Nail a coat hook to the wall. Use a plastic or metal chain to loop through the space inside your wound up cord. Hang each end of the chain on the hooks and keep cords out of your way. You can also use this to store your bikes. Shed organization made cheap and easy!

Jelly Jars. Intuitively, you might want to keep jars right-side up to hold nails, but that means jars will be on the floor getting kicked over or on your workbench where you want the most space. Here’s a novel shed organization idea. Screw their metal caps to the underside of a wooden shelf. Put the nails in the jar and attach it to its cap. When you need a nail, all you have to do is open the jar that’s hanging in front of you!

Metal rods. Metal rods do more than meets the eye. Nail two hooks to the wall of your shed and place a rod across the hooks. Slip hammers in, handle side first, and you have the perfect way to keep them organized. Or, if it’s paintbrushes that are in your way, stick a rod through the holes in their handles and hang it on two hooks on the ceiling.

There are other uses for these storage ideas. It just depends on what’s in your own shed. Shed organization is made easy with a little creativity, a couple of dollars, and maybe a shelf or two.


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