5 Small Deck Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

small deck ideas

Whenever the weather’s agreeable, a home’s deck or patio provides the perfect place to relax and enjoy the fresh air. However, you may worry your outdoor space can’t accommodate for an outdoor oasis of your own. While smaller decks can be a bit trickier to decorate or utilize at times, luckily we’ve got a few ways to maximize your property’s aesthetics! Check out these small deck ideas for a well-designed, useful, and attractive backyard space.

5 Small Deck Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

1. Utilize compact storage.

Just because you’re limited on space does not mean you have to limit storage capabilities. A compact storage solution allows you to stow away patio furniture, pool supplies, and other items right where you need them without sacrificing too much deck space.

With that being said, storing outdoor items in an attractive and multi-functional deck box can easily save space and help you stay organized. These versatile and durable items withstand tough weather while effortlessly complementing any small space. Utilize deck boxes such as the Arrow SpaceMaker Deck Box for compact storage that looks fabulous inside or outside. Or, add a few cushions and throw pillows on top for a dual-purpose bench or additional seating option! Check out more unique storage solutions to effectively stash your stuff anywhere.

2. Keep it cozy, not crowded.

A smaller deck space actually creates a more intimate environment for friends and family to gather outdoors. However, it’s important not to overcrowd your deck with bulky items or oversized furniture.

When it comes to small deck ideas, utilize items that leave a smaller footprint, but keep things cozy! Incorporate long benches with a few throw pillows to make small seating arrangements a bit comfier. Use tall bar stools and tables instead of larger traditional dining sets for eating areas. Check out our selection of outdoor furniture to find everything from convenient armchairs to attractive conversation sets.

Small Deck Ideas

3. Don’t forget greenery.

No outdoor space would be complete without a few elements of nature to bring it to life. Include controlled greenery on your deck or outdoor space with attractive pots and planters.

Check out these “plantscaping” ideas for container gardening on your deck or patio. Get creative and utilize eye-popping plants that meet ideal height and sun requirements for your space. You can even plant similar shrubs or flowers throughout your garden or around your home to effortlessly tie your entire landscape together! Check out a few pots and planters for planting on your deck or patio.

small deck ideas

4. Incorporate subtle shade essentials.

Instead of large canopies or gazebos for shade, utilize stylish, modern, and subtle shade solutions. Shade sails offer up to 85% UVA and UVB protection under stunning and easy-to-use shade. These items easily attach to your home, building, or other outdoor posts for a charming cover that won’t overpower your small space. Find more shade and canopy solutions here.

small deck ideas

5. Add out-of-the-way warmth.

For year-round coziness on your deck, utilize out-of-the-way patio heaters to keep your small space warm. With wall-mountable, hanging, and other accommodating options to choose from, your deck stays toasty even in winter without any large and inconvenient equipment needed to keep it that way. Or, utilize portable fire pits for warmth and a small grilling option right where you need it. Check out all our outdoor heating essentials here.


Looking for more small deck ideas and inspiration for your outdoor spaces? Visit our DIY blog and shop deck and patio items available on Sheds.com to create your ultimate backyard retreat.


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