5 Solutions for Emergency Equipment Storage


Facing storms like tornadoes and hurricanes requires preparation to keep people and property as safe as possible. Part of this groundwork includes removing items than can do real damage if left unsecured. Having a place for emergency equipment storage that is accessible at the spur of the moment helps. Here are 5 suggestions.

Peak Style Shelters Are An Easy-Access Solution for Emergency Storage

Peak style shelters are ideal when you need to protect vehicles like ATVs, small tractors, and patio furniture. Covers are rip proof, UV treated, so you can trust the shelter to be ready for bad weather after baking in the sun all summer, and waterproof. When you assemble any shelter, make sure that the hardware at every connection point is tight and the shelter strengthened by foot plates, ground anchors, cement, or pony walls.

Sheds Are Versatile Equipment Storage Solutions

Sheds are used for tool and lawn equipment storage, as make-shift studios, and as guest houses too. The structures are durable and considered “permanent” buildings. Kits are relatively inexpensive and simple to assemble. Invest in a steel or wood shed and use it to store heavy equipment during sudden emergencies. Rest assured, your recreational vehicles, tools, and sports equipment will stay in place during the harshest weather.

Larger Units for Emergency Equipment Storage

When you hear carport, you may think about the older versions that provide only a roof over the car. These days, carports are bigger, stronger, and enclosed.  A metal garage is low maintenance and, depending upon the size you buy, offers quite a bit of space. Roll-up doors make it secure for cars, recreational vehicles, lawn equipment, patio furniture, and other large items that require safe coverage and stowage.

Fast and Simple Emergency Equipment Storage for Smaller Items

Potted plants and small lawn decorations may seem innocuous, but they need shelter too. Not just for their own survival but also to keep from becoming projectiles in the wind. Instead of dragging them inside, store movable potted plants in a deck box. Deck boxes provide reliable and can be repurposed during summer  months as an extra seat for guests or a coffee table for snacks. Deck boxes are made of wood, plastic, resin, and steel.

Securing Garbage Cans During Bad Weather

Securing trashcans is a good idea, regardless of the weather. Raccoons and cats knock over even the heaviest bins and will feast on leftovers all night. That means a mess for you to clean up in the morning. In a more serious situation, storing trash bins is essential. An effective and aesthetically pleasing solution is a refuse storage shed. These sheds keep cans out of sight, prevent animals from accessing trash, and locked during high winds.

Storing pool equipment, vehicles, and other outdoor items keeps possessions from getting lost or weathered. It also makes for a clean backyard. But when the weather turns on you, it’s the most important time to have emergency equipment storage available and ready.


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