5 Tips for Assembling Your Fabric Garage


Why Use a Fabric Garage?

A fabric garage is a convenient and practical solution for added storage space or protection for your vehicles.  These useful structures help your valuable equipment resist damaging weather-related factors such as moisture and UV exposure. Tarp garages are portable, easy to set up, and relatively inexpensive. Protect your car, ATV, snowmobile, or other motor-powered vehicles under sturdy steel frames and a strong tarp cover for a versatile and low-maintenance solution.

5 Fabric Garage Assembly Tips

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1. Know What You’re Putting into the Fabric Garage.

Okay, so this one should come before even purchasing, however, it’s an important tip to remember. Don’t make the mistake of squeezing your vehicle into a smaller structure only to struggle getting in and out of it when necessary! Ensure your tarp garage leaves ample space for not only the width and length of your vehicle but for you to get in and out comfortably.

2. Assemble in agreeable weather.

For safety and efficiency reasons, it’s best to assemble your tarp garage in mild and agreeable conditions. With large steel pipes and heavy tarp coverings, these items can be pretty dangerous to handle on an exceptionally windy or rainy day.  Not to mention, anchoring your garage will be a lot more challenging with ground that is too frozen or too muddy.

3. Use a flat level surface.

When assembling your fabric garage, you want to make sure it will be erected over a flat level surface. This will ensure stability and make aligning pieces and anchoring the structure to the ground much simpler. Also, if possible, choose a spot with good drainage. The last thing you want is moisture accumulating in or around your structure.

4. Assemble with a partner.

Generally, at least two people are required for assembling your fabric garage. Attaching pieces, lifting the frame, and fitting the fabric over a large metal structure are pretty difficult tasks for one person to efficiently accomplish. For faster, hassle-free assembly, grab a friend or family member for a little extra help.

5. Place your fabric garage away from existing structures.

As a rule of thumb, allow at least 10 feet of space between your fabric garage and any other existing structures. Not only will this leave space during assembly, but it further helps prevent damage to your completed fabric garage. Snow from your home’s roof can easily slide onto or in between your fabric garage and your home, compromising your structure or causing it to collapse altogether. By leaving that extra space, you help prevent snow accumulation on and around your structure.

For more tips on assembling your fabric garage, these helpful videos and informative manuals will help you get the protection you need more easily than ever.

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