5 Ways to Use Your Backyard Log Cabin

EZ Log Cabin

Looking for a high-quality, do-it-yourself building kit to turn into an office, guest house, and more in your backyard?Backyard log cabin structures provide ample offsite space to easily transform into the ultimate living quarters of your choosing. Once you’ve chosen your structure, renovate and furnish it into the perfect backyard getaway spot! Check out 5 ways to use your backyard log cabin (and the best options for each!).

Backyard Log Cabin Ideas

Source: Backyard Buildings

1. Guest House

Log cabin structures come in a variety of styles that include homey features and plenty of space to furnish. For a guest house, use an extravagant Cedar Shed Farmhouse Shed Kit as a private guest house. With a 5-foot wide double door, windows, shutters, and a gorgeous front porch, guests will feel like they’re on an exclusive retreat when they come to visit! Check out how to turn your shed into the ultimate guest house.


2. Office

Did you know natural lighting in the workspace provides both physical and mental health benefits? If you do any kind of remote work, a quiet, comfortable, and bright home office is essential for maximum productivity. The Cedar Shed Clubhouse Storage Shed provides ample lighting in a spacious structure, perfect for backyard “shedquarters”! This easy-to-assemble shed also includes a 4-foot wide porch, planter boxes, and pre-cut parts for quick assembly so you can get right to work!


3. Kid’s Hideaway

While we offer plenty of kid’s playhouses, a log cabin makes for a great playhouse that can use even after the kids grow up! The Cedar Shed Bunkhouse Storage Shed is the ideal hangout spot for kids of any age. This small cabin cottage provides the perfect spot for kids to hang with friends without disrupting the home. Easily customize your Cedar shed, and get inspired by these adorable kid cave ideas.


4. She Shed/Creative Space

Need a cozy and quiet retreat to read a book without interruptions, or immerse in crafts and hobbies? The Cedar Shed Cookhouse is the perfect shed structure to transform into a she shed or creative space. This log cabin includes windows and a front porch in a roomy structure that can be decorated and designed however you like, easily providing that needed getaway space. Get inspired by these stunning and creative she sheds.


5. Storage

Okay, this one is obvious. However, we want to emphasize the benefits of using a log cabin structure for your storage solution. With an elongated design and customizable sliding or double-door options, this structure can stash anything effortlessly. Use the Cedar Shed Cedarhouse Garden Shed to stash pool supplies, backyard tools, and more in a secure and durable solution.


Our high-quality sheds, cottages, and more provide protection and storage for whatever you need right in your backyard. Find more storage solutions and outdoor structures on Sheds.com.


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