5 Tips to Winterize Your Backyard


Is your outdoor space ready for the upcoming season change? Winterize your backyard and protect outdoor belongings with these simple 6 tips.

How to Winterize Your Backyard

1. Stow Away Outdoor Belongings.

Pack up the pool supplies, bicycles, and gardening tools somewhere out of sight and out of mind. Outdoor storage solutions such as a versatile wood shed or a durable metal shed are sturdy enough to last through winter, while spacious enough to stock all of last season’s belongings.

2. Aerate Your Lawn.

To save some hassle for next season, aerate your lawn before winter hits. This allows for better airflow, water penetration, and nutrient absorption during those months of low temperatures when the ground is frozen. With this extra preseason precaution, expect a stronger and livelier lawn come springtime. Check out HGTV’s how-to on preparing and aerating your lawn for winter.

3. Cover What You Can.

For those items you don’t plan on stowing away for the winter, at least provide a little added protection during the brutal upcoming months. Utilize a polyester, UV stabilized bird bath or fountain cover to help prevent rust. Stay warm hassle-free all winter long and utilize a firewood rack cover.

4. Move Plants Indoors.

Don’t neglect all your hard work during the planting season just because it’s coming to a close. Check out Gardening Know How’s tips for bringing those outdoor plants indoors. For serious gardeners, consider investing in a quality greenhouse to continue growing delicious veggies and pretty plants well into winter.

5. Utilize Covert Storage.

Make sure everything is protected during those winter storms. Utilize a refuse storage solution to house your trash cans and recycling bins. Pack up outdoor cushions and smaller deck items with a sturdy deck box.


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