Backyard Buys for a Kid Friendly Yard


Kids have energy. That’s a fact of life. So let them run around outside, but first, make sure you have a kid friendly backyard. That means more than having a fenced-in area. It means recreation and fun! Check out these backyard buys for a kid friendly yard.

Kids Love SandBoxes

Looking to create the perfect kid friendly backyard? First step: consider what it is about the outdoors that kids absolutely love. What kid doesn’t enjoy digging in the dirt, building sandcastles, or crashing trucks into each other while they’re playing in a sandbox? Sandboxes come in different shapes and sizes. They’re easy to build and maintain too. Many offer eco-friendly timbers without toxic chemicals to harm your child. Buy a sandbox with a cover to prevent sunburns and create a kid friendly backyard.

Playsets That Are Sure To Please

Nothing says “entertainment” like a playset with a slide, clubhouse, and swings for two. To impress all the kids on the block and keep a kid friendly backyard at the same time, explore the variety of playground equipment available to kids these days. Then, pick up a deluxe version replete with 20 different activities, including adventure tunnels, climbing walls, and tube slides. There’s no need to worry about safety. Simply check to ensure the set meets the standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Playing House in a Kid Friendly Backyard

Playhouses have always been popular, and they’re a great way to keep a kid friendly backyard fun. Invest in an easy-to-assemble kit, and build your children a Victorian playhouse. If the kids need more space to accommodate their friends, pick up a 10 by 20 ft. cedar shed clubhouse. They’ll enjoy the porch, the oversized windowsills, and push-out windows. Let kids use their imagination as they play and decorate inside their miniature houses, safely.

Curiosity Can Cause Trouble

Kids are naturally curious. When they see something interesting, like a rideable lawn mower, a motorcycle, or electric tools, something is bound to happen. It won’t necessarily be good either. Keep your yard equipment and recreational vehicles hidden in a shed or extra garage to ensure you have a kid friendly backyard.

Get Bikes Out Of The Way

Some yards are scattered with toys, water hoses, lawn mowers, and dogs. Don’t add to the chances of a kid tripping over a hose or a bike that are sitting around the yard. Make your backyard more kid friendly by putting bikes, mowers, and hoses in storage where they’re out of the way.

Create a Cool Environment

The best way to ensure you have a completely safe, kid friendly backyard is to go outside and watch them yourself as they run around and play. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself at the same time. Relax on a cloth hammock with a cooler at your side. Your kids won’t even know it’s a cooler when it looks just like a tree stump in the yard!

Now that you have a safe and entertaining place for children in which to play and run around, invite your neighbors and their kids to check out the buys that helped you create a kid friendly backyard.


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