4 Backyard Cleanup Ideas for Winter


Even though the fall has past, there’s still work to do on your garden and lawn during the winter months. A thorough backyard cleanup will make your yard healthier and easier to manage come springtime.

Backyard Cleanup Includes Lawn Care

Your lawn still needs some maintenance in the winter. One way to improve the health of the grass is to remove weeds. It isn’t the most fun part of gardening, but weeds compete with your lawn for water and nutrients. You should also remove dead plants and leaves. This ensures your lawn can breathe and prevents diseases and molds from becoming a problem. Plus, leaves make good compost.

Re-mulch your soil

There’s a good reason to replenish mulch. Winter mulching is done after the first freeze when the ground hardens to keep the soil from “heaving.” Frost heaving takes place when temperatures go through wide fluctuations and cause subsurface water to crystalize and thaw. The soil expands and contracts. This damages roots and lifts plants out from the ground. Adding more mulch keeps the ground temperature more even and reduces frost penetration.

Backyard Cleanup Is Also About Preparation

Freezing weather can destroy even the healthiest shrubs. New trees, plants, and shrubs are often too fragile to handle extreme winter conditions. Some experts recommend wrapping these them in burlap, but this doesn’t help with the weight of heavy snow. A shrub shelter or lean-to shed made of tarp will do the trick. They’re easy to assemble, durable, and inexpensive.

Save Some Backyard Cleanup for After the Holidays

Cutting back dead undergrowth can be done during the fall or during the first part of winter. When you prune, cut plants with disease. Get rid of the leaves and branches, and don’t use them for compost. The last thing you want to do is spread the disease! Hold off the pruning of shrubs and trees until early January. They’re more likely to be dormant by that time.

Prepare for heavy winds by securing freestanding objects

Many homes lack proper storage for metal and plastic trashcans. Freestanding trashcans are an open invitation for critters like raccoons to indulge themselves with leftovers. Heavy winds are another concern. Winds blow garbage cans over and make a mess. However, if the bins are blown out into the street, this becomes a hazard to drivers, pedestrians, and property. A multi-purpose storage shelter is perfect for storing recycling and garbage cans.

Storing Your Garden Tools

Garden tools like leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and pressure washers all need a place of their own to avoid being lost, weathered, or damaged. A good old-fashioned storage shed is the way to go. Of course, the latest storage sheds are used for much more than just storage. Leave yourself a little room after putting away the mower, and use the shed as a workshop during the winter as well.

Maintain a healthy yard by taking care of backyard cleanup year round.


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