Backyard Wedding Ideas for the Fall


Having an outdoor wedding is a sound way to save money, create a distinctive wedding theme, and enjoy yourself all at the same time. Your preparation and planning will largely depend upon the time of year during which you choose to marry. While most couples opt for summer, others take advantage of the crisp air and loveliness of autumn. Here are a few backyard wedding ideas for fall to think about when you do.

Keeping Your Guests Comfortable Outdoors

Regardless of where you live, you need to consider the weather. Even a short rain shower can put a damper on the party. No one wants to ruin their formal clothing in the rain, and women generally don’t like walking through mud in heels. Even a slightly windy day can grow chilly and quick. Our first suggestion is to invest in an enclosable tent. This will keep your guests warm and dry if the weather takes a turn on you.

If you live in hotter regions where autumns are warmer and sunnier, it still makes sense for the comfort of your guests to invest in a shade of some sort that will keep their exposure to the sun down to a minimum. Shade canopies are an inexpensive way to provide shelter. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, so you will accommodate your guests no matter the number.

Backyard Wedding Ideas for  Fall that Will Save You Time

You’ve chosen the dress. You know what flowers you want for your bouquet. Now you need to consider how you intend to decorate your yard. You’re planning to exchange vows under a large white tents or canopy. Your guests will be seated on either side of a makeshift aisle. Cover the aisle with a light carpet or burlap. Then, use white gauze to line either side, and place a cluster of candles or lanterns every few feet to light your way. It’s a cinch to do and is just casual enough for an outdoor wedding.

A simple white canopy is easily decorated, but you will also find multi-colored tents to make your backyard more festive. Add a few balloons to each corner of the tent or at its entryway, and let the canopy do the rest.

Some backyard wedding ideas for the fall that will give your nuptials a Gatsby-like feel are both romantic and whimsical. Consider using an outdoor gazebo or arbor. Not only do they make wonderful backdrops for photographs, they are also easy to decorate. Wind garlands of flowers around the trellises, or drape white gauze down either side of the opening to give the couple a dreamy space to take their vows. If the ceremony takes place at dusk, tealights will highlight the details beautifully.

Whether you purchase an enclosed tent with windows, a three-sided canopy, or a wooden gazebo, having an outdoor wedding at your home is a unique way to celebrate the day. With a few good backyard wedding ideas for fall, everybody will have a wonderful time at the party.


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