• raised garden beds

    How to Grow Plants in Raised Garden Beds

    Raised garden beds are increasingly becoming a must-have item for backyard gardeners.  This gardening solution allows you to plant with ease because of their portability and elevated terrain for strain-free growing. Weeds, frozen ground, and hungry creatures disturbing your garden are a thing of the past. This simple tool makes gardening simple for anyone. Learn the basics for planting in ...
  • rainwater collection system

    How to Install a Rainwater Collection System

    Why Should You Use a Rainwater Collection System? If you live in a region where you’re charged for the water you use, you know how expensive that water bill can get. And if you want to maintain a beautiful garden and backyard, even more so. Did you know that there are methods other than installing elaborate sprinkler systems that keep ...
  • gardening essentials

    3 Backyard Gardening Essentials (You Didn’t Know You Needed!)

    What’s more rewarding than a flourishing backyard garden full of flowers, fruits, and veggies as a result of your hard work? Gardening is a great pastime for any age, but without the right tools, you could be adding unnecessary stress to your planting efforts. We know the obvious ones: gloves, wheelbarrows, spades, and a few more. But do you have ...
  • Winter Garden

    5 Winter Garden Tips – What You Should Be Doing

    As the seasons change and the temperatures drop, the livelihood of your garden dwindles and often gets neglected until spring. However, you don’t have to put away the gardening gloves just yet. In fact, by maintaining your garden even through the winter months, you can have an even more successful planting experience next season! While you may have already begun ...
  • gardening tips

    6 Gardening Tips Experts Use for Successful Planting

    Backyard gardening is a fun pastime that reaps many benefits. However, many people (even you!) may be missing out on an even better and more fruitful garden. Ready to take your garden to the next level? We’re going to give you 6 best-kept gardening tips from reputable experts for successful and stress-free planting. 6 Must-Know Gardening Tips 1. Extend your ...

    Choosing the Right Compost Bin

    A compost bin allows you to produce useful fertilizer for your garden or house plants right from your backyard. As mentioned in our How to Compost blog, kitchen scraps, lawn clippings, and other organic materials combine with heat, water, and air to decompose, forming a crumbly, nutrient-rich soil over time. Why Do You Need a Compost Bin? Utilizing a compost ...
  • 25

    4 Ideas to Create a Stunning Autumn Garden

    Fall often brings cool weather, and with it, a stunning array of colors as greens turn to oranges, burgundies, and browns. One look outside and it’s easy to see why it’s considered one of the prettiest times of the year. Yet one of the biggest challenges for many gardeners in the fall is how to maintain and enhance the stunning ...
  • fall gardening

    Fall Gardening: Tips for Growing Autumn Veggies

    Gardening doesn’t have to end once September and October hit! Fall gardening is completely possible – especially if you’re interested in growing fresh produce right from home for a little while longer. Don’t let the brisk weather stop you from taking care of your garden just yet. Follow these simple tips to help you quickly and efficiently extend your growing ...
  • garden storage shed

    Garden Storage Sheds: Stash Your Supplies in Style

    A garden storage shed provides easy access to all the supplies you need when planting. When tools and supplies are stored away from a project, it can be a pain. Specifically, gardening supplies are always out of reach because storage solutions don’t exactly complement a garden. Why not have everything right when you need it with something that keeps everything ...
  • backyard greenhouse

    How to Prepare for a Backyard Greenhouse

    Backyard greenhouses bring with them an abundance of benefits. From the ability to garden year-round to grow better and healthier plants, a backyard greenhouse greatly improves your planting capabilities. By thoroughly preparing your backyard, you can utilize a quality greenhouse for years to come. Depending on your gardening needs, fabric,  plastic, or glass options will determine what needs to be done ...