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    Backyard Wedding Ideas for the Fall

    Having an outdoor wedding is a sound way to save money, create a distinctive wedding theme, and enjoy yourself all at the same time. Your preparation and planning will largely depend upon the time of year during which you choose to marry. While most couples opt for summer, others take advantage of the crisp air and loveliness of autumn. Here ...
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    10 Fall Landscaping Ideas and Tips

    There’s a lot of work to do when it comes to fall landscaping besides covering your outdoor furniture and barbecue grill. It’s the time to encourage roots to develop, prevent water pools, and rake, cut, and trim. If you’re at a loss when you look at your yard, here are 10 Fall Landscaping Ideas and Tips to help you. Pulling ...
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    Creative Small Backyard Ideas You’ll Love

    Do you have a backyard the size of a postage stamp? What do you do when you want a mix of foliage and a place to relax that’s beautiful but don’t have the extra room? Maximize your space: Creative Small Backyard Ideas. While it may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to small backyard ideas, ...
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    8 Tips for Backyard Composting

    Many people want natural fertilizer to create a healthy yard or to help grow fresh vegetables without pesticides. Making compost yourself is an easy way to do it, but if you’ve never tried, or you’ve been a city dweller for too long and need help, here are 8 Tips for Backyard Composting. Buying a Composter. Before you buy a composter, ...
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    Common Garden Pests and Problems: How to Deal with Them

    Avid gardeners take pride in their work. No one wants to find mold growth, chewed leaves, or distortion wreaking havoc on plants, fruits, and vegetable gardens. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of the bad bugs without harming those beneficial to plants. Here are 5 common garden pests and problems and how you can deal with them. Caterpillars Before ...
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    Green Thumb Tips: What is Organic Farming?

    The word “organic” has become somewhat of a buzzword for everything from snacks to skin care. But how does organic farming differ from mass-produced agricultural methods? We’re here to explain what organic farming really means and how you can utilize these methods for a safer and healthier operation. What is Organic Farming? Organic farming involves utilizing eco-friendly and all-natural practices ...
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    5 Fall Vegetables to Start Planting Now

    Don’t let summer’s end stop you from growing fresh produce from home. Now’s the perfect time to start another round of crops! Extend your growing season and plant these X fall vegetables for a delicious harvest just in time for the holiday season. To start, we recommend you know at least a little bit about fall gardening and what it ...
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    Container Gardening for Beginners: The 10 Best Container Plants

    What is Container Gardening? Whether in mini-greenhouse beds or pots and planters, container gardening is a planting method that provides plenty of benefits for anyone. Not only do you get portable and easy-to-maneuver greenery, but container gardening allows you to place plants in more controllable soil that eliminates or minimizes the hassles of pests, weeds, and frozen ground. Read on ...
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    5 Eco-Friendly Ideas for the Garden

    Your garden offers a fun pastime, rewarding harvests, and…a way to help the environment? Yes! Using a few eco-friendly products and ideas, you can utilize your garden to help reduce waste, take advantage of natural resources, and more! Try these tips and ideas for a truly “green” backyard. 1. Grow the Right Plants. In order to spend less time and ...
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    The Basics of Cold Frame Gardening

    Interested in utilizing a cold frame garden bed for planting? Find out everything you need to know about cold frame gardening in order to benefit from these backyard structures. What is a cold frame? A cold frame garden bed is an unheated structure used to house, protect, and harden off seedlings and small plants. Whether glass or plastic, these units ...