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    5 Solutions for Emergency Equipment Storage

    Facing storms like tornadoes and hurricanes requires preparation to keep people and property as safe as possible. Part of this groundwork includes removing items than can do real damage if left unsecured. Having a place for emergency equipment storage that is accessible at the spur of the moment helps. Here are 5 suggestions. Peak Style Shelters Are An Easy-Access Solution ...
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    4 Backyard Cleanup Ideas for Winter

    Even though the fall has past, there’s still work to do on your garden and lawn during the winter months. A thorough backyard cleanup will make your yard healthier and easier to manage come springtime. Backyard Cleanup Includes Lawn Care Your lawn still needs some maintenance in the winter. One way to improve the health of the grass is to ...
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    Backyard Wedding Ideas for the Fall

    Having an outdoor wedding is a sound way to save money, create a distinctive wedding theme, and enjoy yourself all at the same time. Your preparation and planning will largely depend upon the time of year during which you choose to marry. While most couples opt for summer, others take advantage of the crisp air and loveliness of autumn. Here ...
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    10 Fall Landscaping Ideas and Tips

    There’s a lot of work to do when it comes to fall landscaping besides covering your outdoor furniture and barbecue grill. It’s the time to encourage roots to develop, prevent water pools, and rake, cut, and trim. If you’re at a loss when you look at your yard, here are 10 Fall Landscaping Ideas and Tips to help you. Pulling ...
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    Creative Small Backyard Ideas You’ll Love

    Do you have a backyard the size of a postage stamp? What do you do when you want a mix of foliage and a place to relax that’s beautiful but don’t have the extra room? Maximize your space: Creative Small Backyard Ideas. While it may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to small backyard ideas, ...
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    Secret Hideaways: Incredible Kid’s Playhouse Designs

    A backyard playhouse provides the ultimate kid’s retreat with plenty of benefits. Not only does a playhouse give parents a break and gets kids active, but it also teaches them independence, social skills, and much more. But why get your kid a generic playhouse, when you can get them something that will truly spark their imagination? Check out these playhouse ...
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    5 Lawn Tips for Greener Grass and a Lush Landscape

    Homeowners know lawn care is a big responsibility, especially throughout the summer. Beaming sunlight and lots of action above the surface take a toll on your growing greenery, requiring more maintenance for a lush landscape. How can you make sure the grass is greener on your side? Check out these simple and useful lawn tips for a healthy yard all ...
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    Canopies, Tents, and More for Your Summer Parties

    Backyard barbecues, family parties, weddings, you name it. The summer season means plenty of outdoor events that require quality shade for keeping guests comfortable and safe. With our variety of attractive pop-up canopies, party tents, and more, you can provide useful weather protection and coverage at all your summer parties this year. Why You Need Shade and Coverage for Your ...
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    Get the Ultimate Pop Up Canopy for Superbowl Tailgating

    One of the year’s biggest sporting events is just around the corner: The Superbowl! Plenty of families are planning parties or tailgating events to cheer on their favorite team during this exciting game. With a pop up canopy from Sheds.com, you and your family can enjoy tailgating, barbecuing, or celebrating virtually anywhere this Superbowl Sunday. Are you ready to celebrate outdoors, rain ...
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    3 Winter Activities for Backyard Family Fun this Season

    Tired of being cooped up in your house all winter? Don’t let the cold weather keep you trapped inside! With these fun activities and winter projects, you can enjoy your backyard (almost) just as much as you do in the summer. Check out these fun and easy winter activities to make your backyard the ultimate quality time destination spot, even ...