• playhouse designs

    Secret Hideaways: Incredible Kid’s Playhouse Designs

    A backyard playhouse provides the ultimate kid’s retreat with plenty of benefits. Not only does a playhouse give parents a break and gets kids active, but it also teaches them independence, social skills, and much more. But why get your kid a generic playhouse, when you can get them something that will truly spark their imagination? Check out these playhouse ...
  • lawn tips

    5 Lawn Tips for Greener Grass and a Lush Landscape

    Homeowners know lawn care is a big responsibility, especially throughout the summer. Beaming sunlight and lots of action above the surface take a toll on your growing greenery, requiring more maintenance for a lush landscape. How can you make sure the grass is greener on your side? Check out these simple and useful lawn tips for a healthy yard all ...
  • 8

    Canopies, Tents, and More for Your Summer Parties

    Backyard barbecues, family parties, weddings, you name it. The summer season means plenty of outdoor events that require quality shade for keeping guests comfortable and safe. With our variety of attractive pop-up canopies, party tents, and more, you can provide useful weather protection and coverage at all your summer parties this year. Why You Need Shade and Coverage for Your ...
  • pop up canopy

    Get the Ultimate Pop Up Canopy for Superbowl Tailgating

    One of the year’s biggest sporting events is just around the corner: The Superbowl! Plenty of families are planning parties or tailgating events to cheer on their favorite team during this exciting game. With a pop up canopy from Sheds.com, you and your family can enjoy tailgating, barbecuing, or celebrating virtually anywhere this Superbowl Sunday. Are you ready to celebrate outdoors, rain ...
  • winter activities

    3 Winter Activities for Backyard Family Fun this Season

    Tired of being cooped up in your house all winter? Don’t let the cold weather keep you trapped inside! With these fun activities and winter projects, you can enjoy your backyard (almost) just as much as you do in the summer. Check out these fun and easy winter activities to make your backyard the ultimate quality time destination spot, even ...
  • winterize

    5 Tips to Winterize Your Backyard

    Is your outdoor space ready for the upcoming season change? Winterize your backyard and protect outdoor belongings with these simple 6 tips. How to Winterize Your Backyard 1. Stow Away Outdoor Belongings. Pack up the pool supplies, bicycles, and gardening tools somewhere out of sight and out of mind. Outdoor storage solutions such as a versatile wood shed or a durable ...
  • 22

    Holiday Gift Guide: Top Outdoor Gifts from Sheds.com

    Not sure what to get your friends and family for the holidays this year? Why not get them something for the outdoors? With plenty of unique and useful storage, gardening, and backyard hobby solutions, Sheds.com has the ultimate outdoor gifts for your loved ones this year. Check out some of the top picks for him, her, or the kids with ...
  • harvest party

    10 Ideas for Hosting a Happenin’ Harvest Party

    Few seasons are more festive than autumn. With plenty of seasonal food, effortless aesthetics in nature, and fun outdoor games to play, why not host your next party in your backyard? Before it’s too cold, celebrate the fall season with a harvest party! Invite a few friends, add a few fall-themed ornamentations, and include a festive feast for an unforgettable ...
  • backyard products

    4 Backyard Products You Need This Winter

    As the colder seasons approach, typical backyard projects such as gardening, mowing the lawn, or maintaining the pool are no longer necessary. You probably packed up all the summer fun and are ready to curl up on the couch for the next few months. However, you can utilize plenty of backyard products even during the chilliest months. While the majority of ...
  • fall cleaning

    5 Fall Cleaning Tips to Get Your Backyard Winter Ready

    Fall cleaning and winter prepping can be a drag – and with temperatures dropping and seasons changing, your backyard can quickly be neglected without consistent upkeep and maintenance. Before you’re cooped up inside for the season, ensure your yard is clean and ready for the upcoming season – and our fall cleaning tips make it easy to help prepare you ...