• chicken coop ideas

    Chicken Coop Ideas for the Ultimate Hen House

    Creating the perfect home for your backyard chickens means ensuring a healthy, homey, and happy living environment your flock will enjoy and benefit from. With a few added features to your coop, you can maximize health, productivity, and efficiency for your feathery friends. Check out these chicken coop ideas to create the ultimate home for your hens. Chicken Coop Ideas ...
  • keeping chickens in winter

    Chickens in Winter: 5 Need-To-Know Tips

    Backyard chickens are low-maintenance pets that reap plenty of benefits. These feathery friends help you minimize food waste, produce natural fertilizer, and provide fresh eggs at home every single day. While the basics for keeping chickens are relatively simple, keeping chickens in winter requires a little extra attention. In fact, accommodating to your flock’s needs during the colder seasons is ...
  • hen houses

    Hen Houses: Choosing the Right Chicken Coop

    Backyard chickens not only provide a rewarding pastime, but offer the ability to easily enjoy organic food right from home. However, it’s important to note that chickens require a proper living environment in order to produce quality eggs. As mentioned in our Basics on How to Keep Chickens blog, hen houses (or chicken coops) are essential for your chickens to lay ...
  • chicken coop kit

    How to Keep Your Chicken Coop Kit Clean

    While chickens certainly require some maintenance and care (as mentioned in this chicken basics blog), even you can include them in your backyard for fresh eggs or meat right from home. When raising chickens, keeping your chicken coop kit clean and sanitary is crucial for healthy and happy livestock.  In this post, we’ll break down exactly what needs to be ...
  • run in shed

    Choosing a Run In Shed

    Your backyard animals are extremely important. Whether they are family pets or livestock, they need proper protection and care. A run in shed is a shelter structure specifically designed for equine and livestock. Read on to find out more. Benefits of a Run In Shed Beneficial for Animals: Is your backyard barn harming your horse’s health? According to Equisearch, “Poor ...
  • how to keep chickens

    The Basics on How to Keep Chickens

    Why Keep Chickens? Keeping chickens for fresh eggs or meat is an increasingly popular backyard hobby. Local and organic food is a growing priority, and owning chickens provides a simple way to access fresh food anytime right at home. Not only that, a few chickens can help you minimize food waste, produce natural fertilizer, and teach children responsibility with old-fashioned ...