• the garden shed

    Storage and Organization Tips for the Garden Shed

    Tired of clutter and chaos in the garden shed? Misplaced supplies, and even useless tools taking up too much room can create an inefficient storage space that slows down your harvest and demotivates you in your gardening efforts. This planting season, why not stay organized where you need it most for productive and hassle-free gardening? Check out a few clever ...
  • she shed

    6 Backyard Structures for a She Shed

    By now, you’ve probably heard of the growing trend called the she shed: a DIY hobby space, private office, or relaxing retreat made from your backyard storage shed or structure. A she shed provides the ultimate backyard getaway, but first – you need the perfect backyard building for it! Check out these high-quality, durable, and livable storage solutions and backyard ...
  • large storage shed all weather storage

    Need All-Weather Storage? Find the Ultimate Large Storage Shed

    Looking for a versatile, all-weather storage solution for your lawn equipment, gardening tools, even your vehicle? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Sheds.com can help you find the ultimate large storage shed that effortlessly protects even your most sizable valuables while ensuring unbeatable durability to last through every season. Check out more below. Why Should You Invest in a Large ...
  • cedar shed

    4 Tips for Winterizing Your Cedar Shed

    When it comes to top choices for a backyard storage solution, wood sheds often rank superior for many reasons. These durable, customizable, and attractive structures last for years and are extremely versatile. More specifically, a cedar shed makes for one of the toughest and durable wood structures, even during the inclement winter season. With a few extra precautions, you can ...
  • 12

    5 Tips for Assembling Your Fabric Garage

    Why Use a Fabric Garage? A fabric garage is a convenient and practical solution for added storage space or protection for your vehicles.  These useful structures help your valuable equipment resist damaging weather-related factors such as moisture and UV exposure. Tarp garages are portable, easy to set up, and relatively inexpensive. Protect your car, ATV, snowmobile, or other motor-powered vehicles ...
  • insulated storage sheds

    Insulated Storage Sheds for Winter

    Depending on your region, the winter season can be pretty unpredictable.  With freezing temperatures and harsh weather conditions, it’s important your backyard structure efficiently protects your belongings through it all. Insulated storage sheds provide a useful and versatile backyard structure that withstands even the toughest outdoor elements. Read on for more info and a few shed options you can utilize ...
  • fabric garage

    Choosing a Fabric Garage For Your Storage Needs

    Why Use a Fabric Garage? Cars, trucks, boats, tractors, ATV’s and motorhomes are expensive – that’s why you’ll want to keep them safely stored! A fabric garage provides high-quality storage and protection in an easy-to-assemble and versatile solution. These practical and durable structures install in hours and are perfect for multi-seasonal use and easy mobility when necessary. Fabric garages can ...
  • trash can storage

    3 Trash Can Storage Solutions to Store Away Eyesores

    Why Use a Trash Can Storage Solution? Garbage cans and recycling bins are home necessities but can be quite an eyesore on your lawn, deck, or patio. Not to mention, unprotected trash attracts animals, insects, and unbearable odors that no one wants to deal with. At Sheds.com, we offer unique outdoor storage solutions so that no matter what you need ...
  • winter storage

    Winter Storage: How to Prepare Your Shed for Winter

    As the temperatures drop and the seasons change, outdoor summer supplies need to be packed up and out of the way, while items such as sleds, shovels, and snow plows need to be within reach. Sheds provide storage and protection for practically anything, but these backyard structures are often at risk during extreme winter weather. While quality and material are ...
  • EZ Log Cabin

    5 Ways to Use Your Backyard Log Cabin

    Looking for a high-quality, do-it-yourself building kit to turn into an office, guest house, and more in your backyard?Backyard log cabin structures provide ample offsite space to easily transform into the ultimate living quarters of your choosing. Once you’ve chosen your structure, renovate and furnish it into the perfect backyard getaway spot! Check out 5 ways to use your backyard log cabin ...