Creative Small Backyard Ideas You’ll Love


Do you have a backyard the size of a postage stamp? What do you do when you want a mix of foliage and a place to relax that’s beautiful but don’t have the extra room? Maximize your space: Creative Small Backyard Ideas.

While it may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to small backyard ideas, if you’re willing to try something different, this may be the way to go. Which room in your home needs more space? Consider extending that indoor space outside. Install wide-swinging double doors that open out to create a unique area that spreads a small room into the backyard.

Create a Zen Space and Avoid Clutter

If you’re trying to come up with small backyard ideas, remember to avoid clutter, and that includes scale. Pick outdoor furniture that will fit in the yard without overwhelming it. Buy a table set with stackable chairs for easier storage. Remove the garden gnomes and the multiple pots of plants scattering the yard. Buy an attractive birdbath to create a focal point to one place. Or, install a small fountain and highlight it at night with solar-powered LEDs. Either one adds flavor and mood to the yard.

Embrace Angles, Contrast and Shade 

A wonderful small backyard idea is to experiment with angles. Try shifting the paving into a different direction. You may get additional surface area by doing so. If the paving is squared, try using circles for contrast. For example, place a few round pots of differing sizes on the paving. Add more contrast with a circular patio table. Top it off with a colorful triangular sun shade.

Garden Sheds You’re Sure to Love

Another clever small backyard idea is to create a raised deck. If you eschew foliage and expansive plants, this will give you more lounge around space and provide dimension to the yard. Use a small garden shed or a charming lean-to shed to store gardening tools or bikes without taking up any more room.

The Value of Cold Frames and Wall Art

If you have a green thumb and a chef in the house, use the wall of the house to create a vertical garden. Grow herbs and light vegetables against the side of the house stacking crates or nailing repurposed coffee cans of different sizes to the wall. You can also grow plants and flowers against a trellis or pick up a fun planter that resembles a log. Cold frame garden beds are another option. All of them use very little space and look great.

Create a Space for Reflection

Interior designers have used this trick for years, so why not use it as a small backyard idea? Hang various mirrors on the side of the house or on the fence enclosing the area. The reflections will make the space seem larger than it is, and if you use antique and vintage mirrors, it can make an artistic statement at the same time.

It’s relatively easy to make use of a small space, but with a little creativity, you can turn any small backyard idea into something big!



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