How to Keep Your Chicken Coop Kit Clean

chicken coop kit

While chickens certainly require some maintenance and care (as mentioned in this chicken basics blog), even you can include them in your backyard for fresh eggs or meat right from home. When raising chickens, keeping your chicken coop kit clean and sanitary is crucial for healthy and happy livestock.  In this post, we’ll break down exactly what needs to be done to keep your chicken coop kit clean all year long.

Why Is Keeping Your Chicken Coop Kit Clean so Important?

As mentioned earlier, keeping your coop clean and sanitary helps ensure your flock stays healthy. Because your chickens roost, eat and poop in their coop, it can easily accumulate foul odors and dangerous ammonia emissions. Proper ventilation and regular maintenance prevent health risks towards your chickens and keep the neighbors from complaining about a stinky backyard.

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Regular Maintenance Chicken Coop Kit Tasks

The amount of maintenance and cleaning required often depends on how many chickens you have. Pet care experts Doctors Foster and Smith suggest spending about 30 minutes a day to manage your flock, and about an hour every week to perform light cleaning functions. Chicken keepers across the net follow similar cleaning schedules but do what works best for you.  Here are a few regular maintenance tasks we recommend.


  • Clean manure. If you have the few extra minutes to clean up a few droppings, do it. By managing this daily, you save yourself from having to scrape a lot of dried poop when you’re deep cleaning, which you’ll learn about later in this post.
  • Sweep or dust. A quick sweep to your coop minimizes the inevitable dust buildup you’ll have to take care of. Chickens create a lot of dust (in fact, that’s how they bathe!), so a little maintenance saves you extra work later.
  • Clean up any wet bedding. A dry coop makes cleaning much easier and maintainable, so include this step with your small daily tasks.


  • Clean feeders and waterers. Dirt and debris can quickly contaminate your chicken’s waterers and food, putting the health of your chickens at risk. Make sure to scrub these clean at least once a week.
  • Clean and change litter. Replace the bedding in your coop weekly. Hobby Farms suggests using hay for your bedding instead of straw or pine shavings because it’s more economical and dust-free compared to the latter options.


Farmer’s Tip: Want to save some maintenance work and create natural fertilizer? A deep litter system allows you to form a compost pile on your coop floor with the help of your chickens. Instead of regularly removing your flock’s manure, you leave this high-nitrogen material with your carbon-based bedding materials and let nature do the rest.

Not only does this method save you from constantly cleaning manure, but “The birds get to scratch through the microbes and beneficial culture of the living compost material, which is good for them.” (Source: The Spruce) This method only works with a bottomless coop (such as the EZ Sheds Mini Coop), but you can still move the litter to a composter to finish the process.


How to Deep Clean Your Chicken Coop Kit

Typically, your chicken coop needs a deep cleaning at least twice a year. While the regular maintenance tasks keep your coop well-managed, bi-annual thorough cleaning guarantees a safe home for a healthy flock. Follow these steps for a thoroughly cleaned and sanitary coop.

  1. Remove all manure, dirt, shavings, cobwebs, and feathers with a shovel and/or broom. (This is where cleaning manure daily saves you a lot of extra work in this step!)
  2. Grab a brush and scrub your coop with a safe cleaning solution. Chicken owners usually use a combination of vinegar or dish soap and a splash of bleach (or other DIY natural solutions) to scrub the entire coop. This includes roosting bars, nesting areas, the walls, etc.
  3. Rinse with a hose.
  4. Allow the water to drain or sweep it out the door and let the rest air dry.
  5. Follow these same steps with your feeders and waterers to ensure everything is freshly cleaned.
  6. Put fresh bedding inside and let your chickens enjoy their freshly cleaned home!


Enjoy fresh eggs from healthy chickens by keeping your chicken coop kit clean and sanitized. Check out our selection of high-quality chicken coops, or more options for your outdoor pets and livestock.


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