Storage and Organization Tips for the Garden Shed

the garden shed

Tired of clutter and chaos in the garden shed? Misplaced supplies, and even useless tools taking up too much room can create an inefficient storage space that slows down your harvest and demotivates you in your gardening efforts. This planting season, why not stay organized where you need it most for productive and hassle-free gardening? Check out a few clever storage tips for ultimate organization in the garden shed and your best planting season yet.

1. Start by Cleaning Your Shed.

First things first, give your garden shed a good cleaning. We know this is tedious, but by decluttering and sanitizing to start, you can better categorize and organize later. Toss what’s broken, donate what you don’t use, and clean up old spills or cobwebs. See our 5 steps to cleaning and organizing your shed for more details.

2. Keep a Systematic Seed Stash.

Instead of sifting through piles of packets or constantly running to the store to replenish your lost supply, have seeds organized and ready to go when it’s time to plant them.

Sort seeds by month, type (flowers, herbs, or veggies), or both in any convenient container for easy and organized access to what you need planted. Creating such a system allows you to easily find what you need and keep track of these small essentials. Check out one of these clever DIY seed storage ideas to efficiently stash seeds and save time on your next harvest.

3. Arrange Shelves Strategically.

In order to avoid cluttered shelves, arrange items strategically based on usage. Keep frequently used tools and supplies at eye level and store seasonal items on higher shelves. In order to prevent injuries or dangerous spills, keep heavy items and chemicals low and out of the way.

Need shelves? Check out our accessories page for shelving kits, or learn how to make your own DIY wood shelves for your shed!

4. Make Use of Your Wall Space.

In order to maximize space, utilize tool hanging racks or even DIY pegboards to hang tools, hoses, and more. Not only does this free up space on shelves and in drawers, but provides easy on-sight access to what you need.

5. Create a Grab-n-Go Kit.

What do you always need whenever you’re in your garden? Keep shears, garden gloves, and other daily gardening gear in an easy-to-grab basket right by the door. That way, you can get what you need and get to work in a cinch.

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