Porch and Patio Ideas for a Late Summer Upgrade


What’s more relaxing than spending the evening on your porch or patio? As the neighbors mow their lawns or walk their dogs and the kids play in the yard, it’s easy to unwind for hours and watch the world from the front of your home. To make your home a little cozier this season, check out these porch and patio ideas for a late summer outdoor upgrade.

1. Upgrade your porch swing.

Whether your entryway is virtually empty or fully furnished, what’s a front porch without a comfy place to sit?

Skip the standard rocking chair or porch swing. Instead, include a funky and unique seating arrangement in order to set your home’s exterior apart from the others. Add a hammock porch swing or a small conversation set for stylish and peaceful porch seating.

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2. Add eye-catching and edible greenery.

porch and patio

One of our recent small deck ideas suggests filling your outdoor space with controlled greenery in pots and planters. However, in order to effectively upgrade your porch and patio, try filling your containers with a wider variety of plant options. Include more vibrant and uniquely colored species or herbs and veggies you can pick later!

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3. Heat Up Your Entryway.

Those late summer evenings get a little chilly as the season comes to a close. Include a space heater to keep your porch and patio cozy year-round. With options you can hang, mount, or squeeze into even the smallest spaces, you easily guarantee warmth and comfort as the colder seasons approach.

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4. Create an Inviting Outdoor Dining Area.

If you’ve got the space for it, turn your porch or patio into an inviting outdoor dining area. We recommend using water-resistant sets that include natural textures to complement your home’s exterior (like this wood set here).

By creating a dining area on your porch or patio, you offer a homey and accessible place to eat while enjoying the fresh air. With the kitchen just steps away, a delicious meal outdoors couldn’t be easier. Not to mention, if your front door container plants hold herbs and veggies, a few fresh foods are right within reach! Get inspired with this rustic front porch dining design and more ideas for your porch and patio.

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5. Include Accessible Storage.

Before fall arrives, pack away the summer toys and keep a supply of blankets and patio furniture cushions in a storage solution. And while sheds or even garages offer a place to stash belongings outdoors, a smaller option can offer convenient and compact storage right where you need it. With a deck box or refuse storage solution, your outdoor items stay organized and close by within a versatile unit.

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