Stay Warm in Winter with These Products


Don’t let the cold weather keep you from having porch parties and outdoor fun. Hanging around outside in the chilly night air is no problem. You don’t need blankets or heavy coats either, because it’s easy to stay warm in winter with safe and inexpensive outdoor heaters. Here are a few fantastic products that will help you do just that.

Use Portable Propane Heaters that are Perfect for Tables

A stainless steel tabletop patio heater is both safe and lightweight. A weight plate adds stability to it, and you get three hours’ worth of heat with only one 1 pound propane tank. Place the heater on your patio table, gather your friends around, and stay perfectly warm in winter while you’re outside chatting about the forecast.

Natural Gas Heaters are Powerful

Keep your outdoor animals warm in winter with a tall, natural gas tube heater. A seven and a half foot heater exudes 38,000 BTUs, which translates into excellent heating performance. You can find them for as low as $600 and less. Use them in pole barns, factories, and anywhere else you need warmth.

Stay Warm in Winter with Electric Heaters

A stainless steel electric heater is an efficient way to keep the garage warm in winter while you’re working on the car and must have the garage door open. Purchase an electric hanging heat lamp; one that comes on a stand with adjustable height and a tilting head; or a parasol electric heater. Whatever makes your work space safe and warm.

A 7ft tall standing heater will heat more than 12 square feet. These are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. Parasol electric heaters come with three burners, variable temperature control, and warm as much as 15 square feet. As an alternative to parasol heaters, try a regular hanging electric heater. They’re relatively inexpensive, but rest assured, any of these four products will keep you toasty as you work or play outside.

Guests are Cozy Around the Fire Pit

A fire pit is a quaint way to keep a party going even in the throes of winter. Whether you have a propane fire pit or one that is wood-burning, make it more attractive with additional accessories. An antique bronze stainless steel pit is an easy way to give your backyard a refined look. A small one will provide heat output of 40,000 BTU’s, and they use fire glass.

Fire glass is another imaginative and practical way to make your fire pit more aesthetically pleasing. Fire glass comes in a variety of colors, from black or amber to ruby red and sky blue. Not only are they pretty, fire glass pebbles also increase heat radiation to keep you and your guests warm in winter while lounging around the fire pit.

Regardless of the type of outdoor heating product you choose, don’t confine yourself to the house. The right outdoor heater will keep you, your family, and your friends cozy and warm in winter.


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