What to Do with Your Christmas Tree After Christmas


When the Christmas festivities end and you’ve taken down the outside lights and stripped your tree of its ornaments, the only thing left is to figure out what to do with your Christmas tree after Christmas has past. Many towns ask that the trees be placed in front of your house for garbage pick-up. Instead of wasting the tree, why not try something different for the new year?

Trying To Figure Out What To Do With Your Christmas Tree After Christmas?

One idea is to recycle the tree instead of trashing it. While it may be time-consuming to haul your six-footer to the recycling center, think of it as your first earth-friendly good deed for the New Year. The dead trees still have their uses. When they’ve been chipped and shredded, they get recycled and turned into mulch. Many programs will give the mulch to you for free afterwards!

Purchase a Live Tree with Its Roots

It feels good to save a Christmas tree. Did you know you can buy live trees with their roots attached? It’s true. To hide the roots when the tree is playing its role indoors, place the tree in a trash bin. Then, cover the bin with colorful gift wrapping. Tie a red bow around the container and bring out your ornaments. A live tree with roots makes your Christmas tree appear larger and provides a lot of extra space under its boughs for presents. Best of all, after Christmas, you have a new tree in your yard with happy memories attached.

Do Some Composting of Your Own To Use in the Garden

When you know what to do with your Christmas tree after Christmas, it makes the end-of-holiday clean-up far less stressful. Consider using it for composting. Note that it might take a bit longer for the tree to decompose than other materials, because pines are so tough. Shredding it before composting will help move the process along.

Use the Tree as Firewood

Not only does the tree make for great firewood because it’s now dried out, it also emits that beautiful pine sent so reminiscent of the holidays. Break down the branches into sizes small enough to safely fit into your fireplace, or warm your nose up outside. Use the wood as kindle for your outdoor chiminea or firepit.

Laying the Branches of the Tree in Your Garden will Protect Other Plants

Some plants, like Hydrangeas don’t do well in frost. Even the hardiest plants are subject to the dangers of cold weather and high winds. Protect your perennials with a simple cover – your old Christmas tree’s branches. Pine boughs moderate changes in temperature and are a good way to prevent frost heaving, which kills young plants.

There’s more than one way to get rid of an old Christmas tree at the end of the holiday season. Because so many of the idea are about repurposing the tree, its usefulness continues, as it’s used for mulch, composting, keeping warm, or as a pretty addition to the garden.


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